Matangi Industries LLP

Designation : Manager Purchase

Job Description

Qualification    : Mechanical engineer/BSC/MSC/BE Chemical

Experience      : Minimum 5 years

  • Knowledge of the company’s all such Products, material identification.
  • Develop and maintain a commercially sound Vendor base, survey the market for new supply sources.
  • Provide support to cost controls in procurement related activities.
  • Identification and new vendor development.
  • To send enquiry to the vendors as per requirement of materials.
  • Expedite quotations from the vendors.
    Coordination with Plant for the requirement and delivery of Material.
  • Quality Control & Inspection.
  • New supplier development, key manufacturer identification & competitor investigation.
  • Market dynamics follow-up, full supply-chain of each product to be analysed.
  • Information gathering and quality control.
  • Negotiate and Monitor procurement activities.
  • Good contacts across the chemical Industry.
  • Communication and representation skills
  • Daily reporting to Superior- telephonically & in written, as per instructions.
  • Computer literacy & timely preparation of correct M I S reports.
  • To ensure overall management expectations & objectives are achieved, in time.
  • To attend duty regularly and punctually.
  • Time Management, Cost Consciousness & Safety Consciousness.

JS (Job Skills)

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