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2-phenoxy ethanol (5ppm)

Matangi Industries is a global manufacturer and supplier of 2-phenoxy ethanol (5ppm) based in India. We export 2-phenoxy ethanol (5ppm) in bulk quantities to the USA, Canada, Brazil, and other European, Oceanic, and Asian countries.

Description of 2-phenoxy ethanol (5ppm)

It is used in perfumes, cleansers, fragrances, and soaps, phenoxyethanol acts as the stabilizer in other cosmetics. It is also used as a preservative and/or an antibacterial ingredient to prevent the products from spoiling or from losing their potency.

Additional Information of 2-phenoxy ethanol (5ppm)

Technical details of 2-phenoxy ethanol (5ppm)

Appearance @ 25°CClear liquid
Color APHA max.10
DI-EPH % max.0.10
Free phenol ppm max.5
Moisture content % by KF max.0.10
pH 1% in distilled water5.50 - 7
Purity by GC % min.99.5
Refractive index at 20°C1.5355 - 1.5395
Specific gravity at 20°C1.105 - 1.110

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