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With more than 25 years of experience, we fulfill requirements of various industries like Dyestuff, Agro chemicals, Pharma, Personal Care, Textile, Paints & Pigments, Oil & Gas, and many more.

We constantly work towards improving the quality of our products and services not only through upgrading our technological infrastructure but also continuous training and development of our staff to adapt new efficient technology.

Our Brand Story

With years of experience and expertise of setting manufacturing plants and promoting Vinyl Sulfone at large scale, late Mr. Suryakant Jani established Matangi in Ahmedabad in 1993. Matangi was set-up with a vision to manufacture Vinyl Sulphone (Intermediate).

Under leadership of Mr. Ruchit Jani, visionary promoter, Matangi ventured into manufacturing of Performance Chemicals in 2009 and started serving global clients. Later in 2011, company expanded manufacturing capacity for other Vinyl Sulfone derivatives such as OAVS, PCVS, DMAVS, Bronner’s VS, and Custom Synthesis.

Capture journey

Our Mission

Enabling growth by providing quality products and keeping everlasting relations with all stake holders

Our Values



Our business ethics are on par with our no-compromise approach when it comes to a strongly knit value-driven foundation. We preach integrity across all of our multi-faceted operational and functional touchpoints.



We integrate sustainable solutions with our key business decisions and operations, such as saving energy through our green chemistry initiatives, especially through our chemical manufacturing plants and processes.


Safety & Wellness

We adhere to top-class safety measures for our people and indulge in pro-wellness initiatives to prioritize human health. For us, success is nothing but the betterment & welfare of the people we’re associated with.


Quality beyond expectation

We manufacture products that not only cater to your utility needs but also fulfill your wide-ranging expectations. At Matangi, we strive to deliver solutions effectively through our commitment to impeccable quality.


People first

Before us and for us, stand the people with whom, for whom, and by whom, we exist and prosper, at all times. Together, we put our faith in “all for one, one for all” as we ace our way through challenges and bliss.


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