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Matangi Industries LLP is conscious of its role towards the environment. All activities of the company are carried out in consideration of protection and preservation of environment.

We have implemented state-of-the-art infrastructure and invested in people that enable us to adhere environmental laws, regulations & policies.

Infrastructure for Environment

Environment, Health and Safety [EHS] are top most priority of the company. We have set up advanced technology based equipment such as spray dryer to treat hazardous effluents. We also have primary, secondary and tertiary effluent treatment facilities.

  • Spent Acid : 100 KL / Day neutralization facility, converting hazardous waste into Gypsum and selling it to cement industry
  • Highly Concentrated effluent : Spray drying facility of 100 KL / Day
  • Member of CETP where we can discharge treated effluent 150 KL / Day
  • Member of NOVEL spent acid management facility where we can dispose 1200 Tons / Month
  • Member of other common spray drying facilities: discharge facility of 60 KL / Day

Glimpse of Our Effluent Treatment Facilities

Carbon cum sand filtration system


Glauber salt recovery and multiple effect evaporator

Effluent Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Plant

Effluent collection tank with stirrer

Neutralization tank with stirrer

Filter press

Filter effluent collection tank

Sludge drying bed


Crystallizer and heat exchanger

Multiple effect evaporator

Carbon filter

Carbon cum sand filter

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