Textile Industry

Matangi offers products covering various stages of the textile production chain. Our products are used in Spinning, Sizing, De-sizing, Scouring, Bleaching, Mercerising, Dyeing, Printing, and Finishing.

This includes emulsifiers, dispersing agents, wetting agents, lubricating agents, and levelling agents, etc.

Product Name Formulation Type Product Description
Spinning Sizing De sizing Scouring Bleaching Mercerising Dyeing> Printing >Finishing General
Matfab GR                   Matfab GR is mainly used in the field of desizing material. Ithelps in rmeoving the effect of Glu, gum, gelatine, starch, CMC etc on the fabrics in very satisfcatory manner.
Matfab WA 002             Matfab WA 002 is an ideal & uniform wettnig agent. It has got versatile ans wide application on many fabrics. It has an excellent stability to all bleaching agents. It is a fine detergent in washing with hard or soft water without losiing it’s excellent detergency.
Matfab AS                   Matfab AS helps in enhancing the efficency of desizing anet and produces very evenly desized cloth ins horter time
Matfab SE 005                   Matfab SE 005 is unique formula to remove stains on all fabrics. It can be used in continuous process also. It can also be used in all process equipments such as jet, jigger, kier etc. It is also compatible with anionic and non-ionic products.
Matfab WE                    Matfab WE is an aqeous off white to pale yellow dispersion which is used as a washing agent on any clothes.
Matfab SQ                 Matfab SQ is the basic helatinig agent having an excellent property to form chelate complexes with metal ions. It helps in tracing the metal impurities, forms salts with many dyes and helps I improving the color value and brightness of dyeing with napthols, vat & direct dyes.
Matfab MA                    Matfab MA is used a mercersing agent.
Matfab DF                    Matfab DF is a foam destroyer and inhabiter in form of aqeous dispersion. Its stability is very good, but occassional stirring is required for even water dilution. It has powerful defoaming as well as antifoaming properties. It is an ideal defoamer to suit modern textile industries.
Matfab DA                   Matfab DA is used to imporve the washing fastness of direct syes by exhaustion or padding technique.
Matfab MB                 Matfab MB is commonly used as a fine levelling agent 
Matfab KBI                 Matfab KBI is used as powerful levelling ans penetrating agent. It helps in making the printing paste smooth and give sharp prints with soft handle.
Matfab LA                   Matfab LA is used for over and/or discharge printing to get the best color value and brightness of prints with levelling effects.
Matfab WE                    Matfab WE is useful in water proofing of cotton, linen and rayon. It is also used as straighht softeneing agent to prouduce soft effect.
Matfab RS                   Matfab RS is an extremely versatile, non-ionic reactive softner. Ihas tremedous power to penetrate making the surface even and smooth.
Matfab FSS                   Matfab FSS is satble, water diluable dispersion useful for cotton and synthetic fabrics. It helps in improvingt he physical properties and is the finest product to get the best smoothness and glossiness on all cotton and blended fabrics.
Matfab EP                   Matfab EP is used as durable lubricant in wash and wear finishes. It can alsobe used alone as a softening agent.
Matfab HS                 Matfab HS is a genral prupose softner for all types of synthetic and blended fabrics. . It has semi durable nature, due to the polymeric latex base.
Matfab BG                   Matfab BG is an exciting finishing agent. It helps in improving the texture and softness of goods in very effective way. It is best available product with multipurpose finishing.

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